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Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan

1035 Aster Ave, #2124, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
107 Vorgartenstrasse, 10/10, Vienna, AT 1200

Voice :                                +1-615-852-7629 (US)
           +43-680-115-1803 (AT)

e-Message:   karthikmaheshv (AT) gmail (DOT) com
varadarajan (AT)
me (AT)

e-Voice:                               karthikmahesh (Skype)

Erdős Number: 4
i10-Index: 4
h-Index: 7
Citation Count: 125+
Publication Count: 71

Career Summary

Academically and professionally experienced Cognitive Vision (Computer Vision, Psychophysics, Brain Theory and Cognition, Robotics, Graphics, Video Processing, AI and Machine Learning) researcher with allied managerial and technical skills in project/ system design and implementation. About 4 years of core industry experience in US, EU and Asia, working on inter-continental, multi-national, intra-national, civilian and defense projects and with agencies such as NASA, DARPA, US DoD, EU Commission, Austrian FFG, etc., generating revenue over USD 3 million, leading groups in the capacity of Co-Principal Investigator/ Team Lead on million dollar projects, 10 research grant awards, over 60 publications in conferences, journals, workshops, patents, holding BE, MS, MBA and PhD (candidate) and LLM (current) degrees. 

Areas of Research

Computer Vision, Psychophysics, Neuroscience, Brain Theory and Cognitive Vision, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Robotics, Real-time Image, Video, Speech, Immersive Audio processing & Tracking systems, Bio-inspired Video-Indexing & Retrieval, Bio-inspired 3D Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling and Visualization, Bio-medical Image Processing, Multimedia Data Compression, Natural Language Processing, Embedded Multimedia System Design, Wireless Sensor Networks, Dynamic Network Topology Control & Optimization 

Contact Availability

Internships, Research visits, Sabbaticals, University/ industry collaboratory research, Start-up partnerships