Travel grants

v Travel grant award for IEEE/IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition – ICPR, Tsukuba Science City, Japan (2012)

v Travel grant award for ACM Asian Conference on Computer Vision – ACCV, Daejeon, South Korea (2012)


v Awarded the University of Florida College of Engineering Achievement Award for New Engineering Graduate Students (2005)

v Received Annual Merit FTW Scholarship for Semesters VII and VIII at BE -only awardee (2005)

v Awarded HHSJSS Full Tuition Waiver (FTW) Scholarship in Semester V of BE (2004)

v Recipient of HHSCSS Full Tuition Waiver (FTW) Scholarship in Semester VI of BE (2004)

Other achievements

v Ranked 8th in undergraduate program among 13000 students in the state (2005)

v Ranked 1st in electronics engineering at undergraduate school among 135 students (2005)

v Six-time semester 1st at bachelor's school (2001-2005)

v Ranked 1st in engineering at undergraduate college among over 1000 students (2002)

v Ranked school 1st and in the top 2.5% in the State Professional Examination - TNPCEE (2001) among 50000 students

v Physics Maxim Gold Medal winner (2000) with a score of 100%

v School and district 1st rank holder (among ~2000 students) in Pre-HSC (2000), AISSE (1999) and National Science Talent Search Examination - NSTSE (1997).

v CBSE 0.1 Percentile Credit (1 in 1000) awardee in AISSE Examinations (1999)