1. Chief organizer and chair of 1st Workshop on Affordances – ‘Affordances in Vision for Cognitive Robotics’ at IEEE Robotics: Science and Systems Conference - RSS, UC Berkeley, USA (2014) in collaboration with Prof. M. Vincze (TU Wien), Prof. T. Darrell (UC Berkeley) and  Prof. J. Gall (Univ Bonn).
2. Chief organizer and chair of 2nd Workshop on Affordances – ‘Visual Perception of Affordances and Functional Visual Primitives for Scene Analysis’ at ACM European Conference on Computer Vision – ECCV, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2014) in collaboration Dr. A. Fathi (Stanford Univ), Prof. J. Gall (Univ Bonn) and Prof. M. Vincze (TU Wien).